• 29Jun

    One of my goals this year is to revive this blog (and the larger web site). So I’m here dusting off the furniture, blowing away the cobwebs, opening all the windows to air the place out.

    The biggest challenges of blogging as an academic, for me, are
    a) finding the time, and
    b) deciding what to write about.

    The problem with a) is that there’s not enough of the main resource (time), and the problem with b) is that there’s an overabundance: so many possibilities, but so little… well, see a). Add in the tricky question of how much I can say about my research without jeopardizing my chances of publication, and it can all get a bit overwhelming. Commence cobweb formation and dust accumulation.

    But I enjoy writing, and I enjoy discussing my work, engaging in conversations with other academics, practitioners, students, and anyone else who might feel so inclined. Especially during the summer, when the job can get a bit isolating. I also may not limit myself strictly to work-related topics, because I think anyone who works in media, in particular, needs to cast a wide net and be engaged in lots of different kinds of interactions and activities (including time alone to just think about stuff). So I make no specific promises about what I’ll be writing, here, only that I will be writing on a fairly regular basis. I’m aiming for at least two or three posts a week.

    I’m looking forward to getting back into the blogging habit, and community. Stay tuned.